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The Connecticut Small Power Producer Association (CSPPA) was formed to promote environmentally-responsible, renewable, independent power produced from a variety of resources. We often are asked how we define "small." While there is no firm definition, we consider "small power" to range from a tiny wind or hydropower site lighting a single residence to facilities of a few megawatts (MW) capable of providing power for a small town or manufacturing business.  

Small power production makes up a small percentage of the total electric power in Connecticut, yet its importance can not be overstated.  Each small generation facility provides local, state and regional economic, environmental and energy benefits.  

CSPPA strives to unite the owners and advocates of small generators into a force that can be represented and heard by regulators, policy makers and the public at large.  Our ultimate goal is to preserve and expand power from small generators under economically reasonable conditions.  This goal is increasingly important as the small generators we represent are well-positioned to contribute to a modern electricity system that incorporates distrbuted generation, energy storage and carbon-neutrality.   


CSPPA was formed in 1985 to bring together owners and operators as well as service providers to raise awareness about this unique class of power. Throughout the years, the organization has focused on small hydropower, which harnesses Connecticut's natural resources to generate clean power that benefits local communities, the economy and the global environment.

Duncan Broatch

Duncan Broatch founded CSPPA to support small power generators struggling to keep up with a rapidly evolving electricity landscape. As the owner of Summit Hydropower, LLC, a company he formed in 1983 to develop, build, refurbish, maintain, operate, lease and own hydroelectric facilities, Duncan understands the challenges of small generators. He is a passionate believer that small generators play a critical role in Connecticut's energy mix and works tirelessly to showcase the many environmental, historical and economic benefits of  Connecticut's small, but mighty, fleet of independently-owned small generation.  He can often be found in the depths of a hydropower facility making technical improvements or sharing his love of technology with school children by giving power plant tours. 

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